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  1. Start of enumerated list

    • Start of unordered list

    • Another bulleted item

  2. Test for source code syntax highlighting

    require_once 'Core.php';
    $production = false;
    $core_object = new Core();
    echo "Hello World<br />\n";
  3. Test admonitions

    If you don’t see an icon on the left, it didn’t work!

  4. Test LaTeX support if applicable. Guide: Adding LaTeX Support to AsciiDoc and Jekyll

    y = \int_0^\infty \gamma^2 \cos(x) dx
    \[y = \int_0^\infty \gamma^2 \cos(x) dx\]

    If there is not an equation above that closely resembles the png image below, then LaTeX support is not installed or broken.

    LaTeX Sample
  5. End of tests.