The word impact, both as noun, for example, Susan’s team made a positive impact on our 2019 quarterly earnings, as well as a verb, About half of our team was negatively impacted by the February layoff, has made significant inroads into the 20th century usage of the words effect (noun) and affect (verb).

One theory is that 21st century Americans have become so challenged by the simple rules governing the correct usage of effect versus affect, that throwing in the towel and just replacing them both permanently with impact is the only logical choice.

Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition, 5.250 Good usage versus common usage, Glossary of Problematic Words and Phrases:

Impacted CMoS

This incorrect usage of impact is classified as “hyperbolic.” hyperbolic definition

So, if you are given to hyperbole, or exaggeration in general, then by all means, continue with your usage of impact/impacted to further promote this cliché of American speech and behavior, about which the British often remark when relating their observations and impressions of Americans and their culture.